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The topic I would like to study is my chosen profession – Nursing. The main duty of a nurse is to assist a doctor at all stages of their work as well as performing many additional actions. Such an employee has the right to provide pre-medical care, maintain part of the medical documentation, and perform a number of manipulations. This is a universal worker who should relieve the doctor’s workload as much as possible, freeing up time for them to diagnose and treat patients (Bruce et al., 2019). This profession has many specializations on which the list of responsibilities depends.

According to the source under study, representatives of the nurse profession are quite in demand in the labor market. Despite the fact that universities produce a large number of specialists in this field, many companies and many enterprises require qualified nurses. 66% of respondents answered that their profession is very popular, 29% – quite popular, and only 5% – little in demand (Bruce et al., 2019). A significant majority of representatives of the nursing profession believe that they have enough opportunities to move up the career ladder. 53% of respondents believe that a nurse has enough career opportunities, 38% – that they are minimal, and 9% – that the conditions for career development are good (Bruce et al., 2019). Therefore, if a nurse has such a goal, then it is quite realistic for them to take a leadership position in the professional area.

Getting the profession of a nurse gives a lot of advantages. Having received a nurse’s education, a career can be developed in different directions. This opens up numerous opportunities for work activities and career building. A large number of specialization options creates space for continuous professional growth and improvement of a medical specialist.


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