Best Writing Tools

Do you really have time to write an executive summary? Aren’t you too occupied with your studies to spend hours figuring out a title for your project? Isn’t rephrasing your sources and weird sentences unnecessarily time-consuming? These writing tools will take care of the tasks that can be automated.

Grammar Rephraser

This rephraser will scan your text and alter its structure and expressions, making them both original and correct.

Title generator

Title Maker

This title generator will develop unique titles for your project from your keywords. You can also use it to get inspired and think of a headline yourself.

Summary generator

Summary Generator

Composing an executive can be pretty dull since it repeats the existing structure and material. Thankfully, our generator can write it for you.

Essay Bot Detector

Essay Bot Detector

Looking for a way to check your essay for traces of Chat GPT or other AI writing? You’ve come to the right page. Click here to use our handy essay bot detector.

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