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Privacy Policy

If any additional info is required or you want to ask something related to our privacy policy, please let us know via email at Support.

The privacy of the users of EduMedLab.com is one of our highest priorities. The following document contains information on the kinds of private data that we collect and record on this website and how it is used.

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

PII is used for locating, contacting, or identifying someone, as well as for the identification of a person in context. You may be asked to give your personal details like your email address or phone number to enhance your EduMedLab experience.

Our database includes every piece of data submitted to our website, with the exception of your payment information.

In case you want to delete all your collected data, make sure to let us know via email at [email protected]. We will remove the information in question in two business days.

To fulfill your requests, our website gathers all necessary information, including personal details. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Information shared by interacting with service providers

In case you download a video or a photo on EduMedLab.com, additional information may be collected. This data includes but is not limited to the place, date, or time of making the piece of downloaded media.

Your bank accounts or credit cards are not accessible to us, and our website does not keep or collect any information on them. Our servers do not process or keep any transactions. They are done via third-party services with the use of a gateway provider. Any data you provide while making a purchase, completing a survey, registering, signing up for a newsletter is collected by EduMedLab. This data can be used for goals that include, but are not limited to:

  • Sending information (and any related updates) or order processing
  • Responding to inquiries or requests and sending newsletters
  • Follow up activities after an email, live chat, phone calls, or any other kind of communication

By following the CAN-SPAM Act, we set ourselves to:

  • Quickly process unsubscribe/opt-out requests
  • Keep the compliance of the third-party email marketing services in check whenever it is used
  • Attach an unsubscribe link to every email
  • Let you know of the physical address of our headquarters site in messages
  • Refrain from utilizing fake or misleading subjects or emails

Protection of Personal Data

To maximize the safety of your experience, our team constantly keeps all known vulnerabilities like security holes, malware, or viruses in check.

All personal data is kept with the help of secured networks.

Should a breach of personal information occur, EduMedLab will inform (using in-site notifications) its users, visitors, and vendors in one business day.

Log Files Policy

Along with a number of resources, our website utilizes log files. The mere purpose of these files is to log users to the website. It is a common process for any hosting company and also a part of the analytics of hosting services. Log files store the information about:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Internet protocol (IP)
  • Type of browser
  • Addresses
  • Time/date stamp
  • Exit/referring pages
  • Clicks number (possibly)

We utilize the aforementioned data for trend analysis, site administration, demographic information gathering, and tracking visitors' movement on the resource. Information such as IP addresses has no connection to any personally identifiable information.

DoubleClick DART Cookie Policy

  • Google, a third-party vendor, serves ads on EduMedLab by using cookies.
  • The usage of the DART cookie lets Google show ads on our website according to users' visits to sites on the Internet, including EduMedLab.com.
  • By visiting the following URL (Google ad and content network privacy policy), it is possible to stop the usage of the DART cookie.

EduMedLab Ad Partners

It is possible that web beacons and cookies may be used by several of our advertising associates on EduMedLab.

These links and respective advertisements are created by the aforementioned third-party ad servers and are sent directly to your browser. Your IP address is collected automatically once it happens. To personalize the content of advertising and/or to measure the efficiency of their advertising campaigns, our third-party ad partners may also use cookies, Web Beacons, JavaScript, and other technologies.

These cookies used by our third-party ad associates are not accessible to us, nor do we have control over them.

Privacy of the Third Parties

If you need additional information on the activities of our third-party ad servers or instructions on how to opt-out of them, please consult according to privacy policies. This website's privacy policy has no power over and does not control other advertisers' activities.

Use your personal browser setting if you are willing to disable cookies. Please, visit your browsers' respective websites in order to acquire additional information if needed.

Children's Privacy Policy

Our team considers the safety of children online to be crucial. For any parent and guardian, it is highly advised to spend their time with children. During this time, we recommend participating in, observing, and/or guiding and monitoring their activities online. Our website does not gather any PII of children under the age of 13 on purpose. In case a parent or a guardian suspects EduMedLab to contain such information in its database, please use the contact mentioned in the first paragraph to let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to delete this data from our records.

Only Online Privacy Policy

This privacy policy considers exclusively online activities and is actual for users of our website and regarding data shared and/or stored there. Any data gathered through offline activities or through sources different from this website are not covered by this policy.

Consent Policy

You hereby consent to this privacy policy and accept its terms by utilizing EduMedLab.com.

Update Policy

The privacy policy was last changed on: Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.

If any amend, change, or update to our privacy policy takes place, they will be showcased here.