Nursing Competencies for Care for Older Adults

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The older population usually has various chronic health conditions that require subsequent medical support from nurses. The care for older adults is often complicated by the presence of multiple chronic diseases. According to Demiris et al. (2019), such adults’ medical needs constitute at least half of annual Medicare expenditures. The research on the topic of providing care for older adults should be held in order to advance the healthcare sphere in general. The current course allowed me to learn new skills and information regarding healthcare services. One of the most vital course competencies essential for me as a professional nurse is the resources facilitating safe and effective transitions of care for older adults.

The care for older adults course for a nursing practitioner

There are three main types of medical services providers for older adults: national, state, and local. The first one is related to the Medicare system, which facilitates many necessary medical transitions for the elderly (Schreck, 2020). Considering the state level, the Medicaid program should be mentioned. It is primarily focused on providing free medical care for people with low incomes and adults (Schreck, 2020). Each program should be used rationally in different situations. The quality of medical services directly depends on the funding opportunities. Private insurances and such programs as the Veterans Health Administration in Virginia may be considered the local providers of medical care for older adults (Schreck, 2020). This competency was achieved through the rigorous analysis of the academic materials and resources. One of the most vital aspects of the investigation was to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each resource to comprehend the limitations of each program.

The transferable skill was achieved by implementing the academic resources’ critical analysis. The comparison and estimation of the information allowed me to choose relevant topic resources. By applying the transferable skill, I may enhance the development of the medical sphere for older adults. Moreover, the analytical and data search skills contribute to a more detailed examination of each practical case striving to find the efficient method of providing medical services.

Based on the learned material, I have stated reflectively planned how the data can be applied in nursing practices. For example, the gained knowledge may be helpful in managing the financial care-related issues for older adults. From my perspective, nurses should be ready to offer not only medical services but also advocate for the patient, especially older ones. The elderly is not aware of the complicated funding and programs through which they can get medical help. Moreover, it is essential for nurses to constantly improve their knowledge and competencies in order to advocate for older patients. Therefore, nurses are the ones to describe the opportunities to older patients. I plan to implement gained knowledge to provide more qualitative services for older adults by using the programs’ opportunities.


Therefore, the course contributed to my development as a nursing practitioner. Through gaining new knowledge, I developed new methods of helping older patients. Broadening my own skills and knowledge allows more enhanced opportunities for care services. The insurance systems and programs may help provide long-term care for older adults. The healthcare services which are in high demand for the elderly should be appropriately funded on different levels: local, state, and national. Each problem requires individual decisions based on each patient’s opportunities and situation. The gained competency will allow me to improve the quality of care services.


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