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Are you looking for a tool to check your essay for traces of GPT? Your quest ends! We've developed an essay bot checker explicitly created for this purpose. Our tool can identify sections of academic writing created by artificial intelligence and correct and improve these fragments. Let's learn more about its usage!
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How to Comprehend the Results of the Bot Essay Detector

In the outcomes of our bot checker essay analysis, you will see two diagrams in front of you. First, let's look at the “top words count.” It shows the statistics of words that graduate from those peculiar to AI and those peculiar to humans. Here is the meaning of each color:

🟪 Purple These words are out of risk, most likely used by humans.
🟥 Red The words are in the top-1000 and do not require replacement because AI rarely uses them.
🟨 Yellow The words are in the top-100 and should be considered and replaced by other ones.
🟩 Green These words are at the top-10 and are often used by AI essay generators, and they require your attention.

Correspondingly, the more purple and red color in your work, the better and more human the text looks. On the other hand, green and yellow colors indicate the presence of AI involvement in the creation of the analyzed content.

📡 Meet Our Essay Bot Detector

Today, many people use chatbots to create different content, which has led to the need for tools like ours. An AI writing bot is a great assistant to create a draft or an outline for a future essay but not a finished product. Although the papers generated are original, they do not look like human-made ones. Therefore, our bot essay detector is designed to help you recognize and improve such text. Below, we'll look at compelling reasons why you should use our instrument and give you handy tips!

Essay Bot Checker: Benefits for Your Paper

Discover the tremendous benefits that essay bot detector checking can bring. We present you the essential ones:

  • Our checker is free and has no significant limitations in use. You don't need to download programs, register or make any payments.
  • The tool will check your essay for AI-generated content and indicate problematic points.
  • You will get a detailed analysis of the work and its reasoned evaluation. Thus, you will see two diagrams with the results.
  • Our instrument will allow you to replace repetitive words with unusual words for AI selection.

How Does the Essay Bot Checker Work?

Our essay bot detector is user-friendly and has everything you need in its functionality to detect signs of AI work and get rid of them effectively. Predictable words and sentences will not benefit any paper. Here, we'll explain how to check the required college essay or paper. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your text in the tool field (limit to 4500 characters).
  2. Add the topic of your paper (brief description or title).
  3. Launch an essay validation.
  4. Proceed to enhance your work through detailed analysis.

💻 What is AI-Generated Writing?

AI-generated content is machine-generated text based on available online data. Artificial Intelligence can instantly analyze the available data and produce the most fundamental texts based on your request. Frequently, such writing still requires modification to look professional and human-made.

Nevertheless, universities faced massive abuse by college students of generated content through various AI chats. It didn't take long for a solution and a senior at Princeton University came to the rescue. A 22-year-old student named Edward Tian developed an algorithm for recognizing artificially created material and founded the first functioning GPTZero tool.

⚖ Bot Checker Essay: Pros and Cons of AI Writing

Often, each AI-generated product has different characteristics, and they are not always exclusively positive. This section reveals the advantages and disadvantages of using AI-written content.

✔ Pros ❌ Cons
You instantly get the text you need according to your request. The content you receive will be an outline for your future work rather than a finished product.
AI can help you optimize or rephrase your content. The generated material may contain repetition and be unnatural.
It can generate new ideas for you, and you will overcome writer's block. AI can only generate entirely ideas that are already on the web.
The final work will contain a minimum of grammatical concerns. AI-generated research cannot include in-depth analysis or form a subjective opinion.
Easy and fast access to a lot of thematic information on the web. You may have problems with plagiarism because AI uses content that has already been created before.

👍 5 Tips to Humanize AI-Generated Writing

As artificial intelligence becomes more pervasive, it is vital to bridge the gap between machine-generated and human-generated content. To that end, we've provided five valuable tips for improving your essay.

1. Enhance your grammar and word selection.

AI often picks up unnatural grammatical constructions that may not fit the context. Try to recognize controversial points in the text by reading it aloud. You aim to correct all grammatical errors and tweak all sentences to be logical, professional, and polished. Try using our rephraser tool to help you in this process.

2. Check for consistency and accuracy.

You should verify the facts because the AI may omit some details, use articles that contain mistakes, and fail to recognize them as inaccurate or unscientific. Also, check if the data mentioned in the generated paper needs to be updated.

3. Remove all repetition.

AI abuses the exact phrases, repetitive sentences, and wording. The same thoughts can be repeated in the paragraphs, expressed in the same way, and it weakens the text. You need to rephrase such sentences or remove them altogether.

4. Adjust the length of your sentences.

Variation in sentence length helps keep readers' attention. It also allows the paper to be more human and non-monotonous. This tactic will enable you to place different accents and add dynamism to your paper.

5. Add emotions.

A great way to diversify your essay is to add emotion and personal experience. For example, AI can't express a unique subjective opinion if you're writing an argumentative essay. It is equally worthwhile to add natural emotional content or your personal experience. So, your task is to supplement boring text that bears little resemblance to human-generated content.

We hope you’ll have no trouble improving your work with our excellent bot checker essay. Our FAQ section will help you learn more about AI writing detection. So, be sure to check it out!

❓ Bot Essay Detector – FAQ

❓ Can AI be detected in essays?

Nowadays, there is no difficulty in detecting AI essay writers. The core signs include a consistent and mechanical writing style, lack of personal experience or emotion, sudden changes in tone or subject, and excessive use of technical jargon. However, technology is evolving, so utilizing special programs to detect such content is more productive and effective.

❓ How can I detect AI in student work?

First, use special AI tools trained to detect AI content based on analyzed AI-created materials like ours. However, you may also notice sudden changes in style or tone of writing, unnatural use of grammar and repetitive sentence structure. Likewise, the work may need to include individual thoughts and ideas.

❓ How can I make an essay not AI detectable?

To make the essay less AI-detectable, you can add unique experiences, subjective opinions, and emotional coloring and analyze the text for the content of frequently used words and combinations. Also, you can vary the length and structure of the sentences.

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