Effectiveness of Psychotropic Drugs in the Treatment of Mental Illness

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Mental illnesses are treated differently in modern times, but one of the most common is treated with prescription drugs. How effective psychotropic therapy will be determines this factor in which the prescribed treatment corresponds to the diagnosis. In addition, the dosage, form of drugs and duration of use are very important. As in any field of medicine, in psychiatry, it is necessary to consider the whole complex of medications that the patient takes since their joint action can lead not only to a change like the effects of each of them but also to the emergence of undesirable consequences.

Research Question

Per the mental illnesses of patients, they are prescribed treatment by a qualified psychiatrist or take medications that are prescribed by a doctor. The research question, in this case, will be how effective the use of prescription drugs in the treatment of mental illness is. Treatment always begins with minimal therapeutic doses with a gradual increase in practical. In cases of poor tolerance or the occurrence of adverse events, therapy is immediately adjusted. All appointments are carried out in strict accordance with the available indications and in the absence of contraindications, based on the practicality for a particular patient. Considering the combined nature of the disorders existing in patients and proceeding from the expediency of simultaneous treatment of all existing ailments, each patient is usually prescribed several medications of both psychotropic and somatotropic nature.

Supporting Arguments and Evidence

Psychotropic drugs that are dispensed by prescription have significant effectiveness in treating mental illness. Iseselo & Ambikile claim that psychotropic medications can prevent recurrent cases of the disease (11). Treatment with psychotropic drugs is effective and is widely used around the world. In combination with other means of treatment, prescription drugs can achieve even greater effectiveness and have a significant positive effect on the well-being of a patient with mental illness and abnormalities. However, there is a problem associated with treating this type of drug, which is that access to these drugs in some countries is complicated (Iseselo & Ambikile 10). Nevertheless, a solution to this problem is being sought since many patients need therapy with the use of psychotropic drugs.

Mental illness is a severe danger, especially for some teenagers who do not want to visit psychiatrists and psychologists. Patients who take psychotropic drugs on prescription feel much better, and their diseases are treated more effectively (MacMillan et al. 5). Drug treatment promotes general psychiatric therapy and gives better results than without medication. Macmillan et al. believe that over time, the benefits of drugs may decrease, but still, drugs are necessary for the treatment of mental illness (7). Taking medications prescribed by a doctor has some side effects that complicate treatment, for example, strange, vivid dreams. The research question is important because in modern times the level of depression and mental disorders is quite high.

Potential Problems

Potential problems associated with taking medications on doctors’ prescriptions include side effects and limited access to medicines in some countries. It is impossible to solve the problem of side effects since any drug has undesirable consequences. Nevertheless, the correct appointment of treatment by doctors, which is carried out considering the individual characteristics of the human body and the proper dosages, can help avoid trouble. The problem of limited access is already being solved by the state authorities so that everyone has equal treatment opportunities.

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