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EduMedLab: Frequent Questions

Thank you for your interest! This page contains the most important concerns and questions of our users.

Make sure you've checked the information below before writing a direct inquiry to our email. You will most likely find the answer to your question there.

1. How do you obtain your work examples?

Our database is complete by essays that are sent to us voluntarily. We contact school pupils and university students with prominent academic strides. Our team suggests they let us showcase their work on the website as a helping hand to other people. Some of them are also donated via a special page.

2. Are your samples completely free? No catchy paywalls?

Yes, they are completely free, as mentioned before. We are set to help students who struggle academically in every way possible with no cheating or school rule violation involved. This is the reason for our papers to be for research purposes only.

3. Is it possible to present one of the website's works as mine?

We stoutly stand against any sort of academic cheating. Our team asks you to refrain from any attempts of breaking the school code or cheat in any other way for the sake of better marks. Please remember that writing your work yourself is an essential part of the learning process. On the other hand, we realize the inequality of students' writing skills. This is why we showcase the essay examples in the first place. To bring you inspiration, help you learn something new on the topic, or help you to get started with your research. Assigning one of our works as yours is strictly forbidden.

4. Can I somehow request a paper on a certain topic? Can I order an essay?

We do not take any requests. However, our list of essays is vast enough and is updated every day. You may want to keep an eye on our database, for it is quite likely you'll see just the topic you need.

5. Can I donate you a paper?

We set the bar for our essays pretty high. Due to that, we usually contact the people we need ourselves. But if you want to try, you can use the donate a paper page. Simply fill out all necessary items and attach your paper. Our team will look through it closely. If all the requirements are met, your work will be showcased on the website.