Pros of the Legalization of Abortion

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The legalization of abortion is serious health care and social problem that has multiple pros and cons. However, when it comes to abortion, which is frequently seen from a negative side, you have to choose: do you either hate babies or hate women? In other words, there are two positions – pro-life and pro-choice. The pro-life position is against abortion – according to it, the life of an unborn child matters. On the contrary, the pro-choice position focuses on people’s constitutional right to individual and free decisions – according to it, women can decide to keep a child or not by themselves. I support the pro-choice position and believe that abortion should be legalized because:

  1. Abortion helps to reduce overpopulation.
  2. Abortion helps reduce the number of unwanted children.
  3. Abortion helps avoid economic problems.
  4. Abortion saves women’s lives.

In the present day, there is a large number of people on the planet who suffer because resources are limited. On the other side, the decreased rates of birth could partially impact the solution to this issue. Thus, legal abortion may help to reduce overpopulation which has become critical nowadays. According to Scott (2022, par. 3), “the number of humans existing on Earth has never been as high as it is now.” Moreover, the population boom occurred within the last several decades due to advancements in health care and extreme birth rates in developing countries. If abortion is banned, the planet’s carrying capacity and resources may finish. Although it is essential to educate the population and promote reasonable childbirth as well, abortion will allow women who do not want children and are not ready for them to be free from children-related responsibilities, and their decision will not be harmful to the world. However, it is not the only benefit of legal abortion.

There are many families with children, however, they are dysfunctional, and parents do not love their kids. At the same time, there could be fewer of these families if women made the decision to have abortion. In this case, abortion helps reduce the number of unwanted children. In the present day, premarital sex is allowed, and even teenagers are involved in sexual intercourse. Although sexual education exists, young people often ignore the rules of contraception. At the same time, women may be cheated by partners and left alone pregnant or even become the victim of rape that result in an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy (The pros and cons of legalizing abortion, 2021). In this case, legal abortion may help them live the lives they want instead of raising unwanted children. Moreover, children who live with loveless parents of given to orphanages will suffer throughout their lives as well. Although there are successful people who were raised in dysfunctional families, the results cannot be predicted. At the same time, there are other benefits of legal abortion.

People who support the pro-life position advocate for birth, however, they do not want to be responsible for its consequences. However, women who have children may experience financial difficulties that impact their life quality. Thus, legal abortion may help avoid serious economic problems for women. When a woman is forced to keep a child due to the ban on abortion, she cannot work as productively as before and may have employment-related issues. At the same time, childbirth creates additional expenditures, such as baby supplies, additional health care, housing, parenting education, and other special needs. At the same time, in the case of paid legal abortion, money could be redirected to the support of mothers who have welcome children. Thus, abortion may improve not only the economic but the social state of the country as well. However, its legalization has the strongest reason.

In general, if a person passionately wants something, he or she will get it at any cost. Thus, if a woman does not want to give birth, she will have abortion that will be provided by illegal facilities, however, the consequences may be devastating for her health – therefore, legal abortion saves women’s lives. In the present day, the procedure is safer than giving birth as its rate is 0.7 deaths for every 100,000 abortions, while up to nine women out of 100,000 die due to delivery (, 2022). Moreover, there are medical conditions that may be negatively impacted by an unexpected pregnancy. In this case, a woman will pass away if all types of abortion are banned. Finally, illegal abortions in inappropriate circumstances will lead to the death of women as well.

All in all, I believe that abortion should be legalized as every woman should have a right to decide how to control her body ad her life. Life may be unexpected, and pregnancy may be totally unwanted. In turn, the ban on abortion will contribute to overpopulation, increase the number of unwanted children, place a financial burden on unprepared women, and may lead to multiple losses among them due to illegal abortion or threatening complications.

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