The Role of Stakeholders and Community Assessment in Health Nursing

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Nursing is a profession that is often stereotyped. It has a lot of varieties about which people do not know, including community health nursing. Unlike public health nursing, which targets large populations, community health nursing focuses on individuals or families. Collaboration between community health nurses and community stakeholders as well as community resource assessment can give nurses important information to help promote population health.


First, the importance of community assessment in Community Health nursing might be emphasized. Gathering the necessary information is essential in further work on population health promotion. Stakeholders can play a crucial role in the success of the assessment of society and in obtaining the necessary information (Hosseinnejad et al., 2022, p. 8). Stakeholders of communities, as applied to community assessment, are people who are part of the group that the nurse will help. Collaboration with them will allow the nurses to better understand the causes of the problem, people’s way of life, and their habits. The importance of valuing community resources, such as religious resources, lies in the ability to define people’s habits and lifestyles. Thanks to the evaluation of community resources, the nurse will be able to understand the causes of the disease better and provide important assistance to promote population health.


In conclusion, it may be useful to re-emphasize the importance of a comprehensive assessment of the community in community health nursing. The task of nurses is to identify the causes of disease and treat people. It is also the role of nurses to explore and help the community to prevent such diseases and problems from occurring in the future. It has also been determined that in community assessment, the role of the partnership of community health nurses with community stakeholders is a key one.


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