Role of Statistics in the Development of Healthcare

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Indeed, statistics has played an instrumental role in the development of healthcare and in improving the practices used by governments to ensure the safety of their nations. Nowadays, health statistics are used to comprehend community risk factors, track and monitor diseases, observe the effects of changing policies, and evaluate the efficacy and security of medical care (Tansey, 2019).


Statistics help find proof or information that can back up a claim to form a health-related policy. The best way to deliver healthcare and advance population health depends on evidence-informed policy-making, which is an approach to policymaking that ensures that policymakers are well-informed by the best research available (Tansey, 2019). Thus, currently, statistics is central to making any policy-related decisions, with the recent example being vaccination policies and lockdowns that governments imposed to ensure the safety of the citizens during COVID-19.

Dr. Blue and his approach to healthcare statistics helped combat not only influenza but also plague. According to Tansey (2019), Dr. Blue oversaw a cautiously assertive public health effort for several years in San Fransisco. By 1904, San Francisco had completely eradicated the plague, but when it returned following the 1906 earthquake (Tansey, 2019). However, not in the area, Blue had targeted—the same strategies ultimately succeeded. After nine years of suffering, the city made strides thanks to the knowledge that its plague outbreaks were unique from those in Asia and other parts of the world. Plague frequently struck one case at a time in San Francisco, never appearing to affect more than a few patients.


Due to Dr. Blue’s achievements, he soon became the surgeon general of the United States and used his approach to medicine to help combat other healthcare issues. Dr. Blue’s approach was based on gathering concrete evidence and employing them to overcome infectious diseases.


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