Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

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The application of evidence-based practice in healthcare contexts is essential for the protection of patients. Effective and well-researched interventions reduce morbidity and enhance the degree of satisfaction with clinical services. Evidence-based practice prioritizes the application of research to translate knowledge into practice (Mohanasundari & Padmaja, 2018). Institutions must prioritize the promotion of processes that increase the frequency of good outcomes. An organization’s standards of practice can be enhanced through the implementation of change initiatives that encourage the adoption of well-researched contemporary practices.

The first step I would take to enhance the use of evidence-based practice is to conduct a comprehensive patient assessment. This is intended to facilitate the identification of the clinical problem that arises from caring for the patient. The second step is the development a focused clinical question. It is important to define the parameters within which the case falls in order to refine the search for evidence-based interventions. The third step is the acquisition of evidence to answer the aforementioned question. The selection of relevant resources, such as medical databases and libraries to conduct an exhaustive search is vital. The fourth step is the appraisal of the quality of gathered evidence. Mohanasundari and Padmaja (2018) note that it is essential to establish the validity and applicability of collected data to ensure that quality interventions are prioritized. The fifth step is the application and evaluation of the evidence in the case. This involves returning to the patient, integrating evidence with practice, and assessing the outcome.

The most significant driving and restraining forces in the change process include the availability of resources, administrative support, and the quality of evidence. I expect covert resistance to my efforts because while it is clear that the use of evidence-based interventions is necessary and beneficial, the additional work and discomfort associated with change are unpleasant. It is worth noting that additional support in the form of access to updated scientific journals will be required for the implementation of the change process.


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