The Process of Evaluating a Nursing Theory

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The process of evaluating a nursing theory is essential because it revolves around a series of criteria that are required to highlight differences and similarities between the legacy version and its update. The relevance of the proposed nursing theory is, therefore, evaluated against a series of evaluative criteria that might help the assessors gain insight into the specifics of the theory and create room for improvements (Roy, 2018). Even though some of the nursing theories have not changed since their advent in the 1970s and the 1980s, evaluating them is crucial for a better understanding of how further development of nursing could be achieved. The past, the present, and the future of nursing intertwine under the condition of a detailed evaluation where the weakest links can be emphasized easily and then revised to become strengths (Roy, 2018). Further adoption of the theory depends on the evaluation process as well.

In turn, analyzing a nursing theory is an impactful process that assists nurses and other responsible actors in highlighting the crucial concepts and components of the theory that could be either refuted or capitalized. When a nursing theory is developed, it then has to be analyzed to help healthcare professionals gain insight into the semantics and contextual derivation of specific events (Roy, 2018). The consequences of theory analysis often revolve around the impact of certain policies on the structure of care provision and internal dimensions of care in general. In a sense, theory analysis is necessary when the respective appraisers are looking into the consistency of the proposed solution and its inherent practical utility. Most nursing research related to theories stems from detailed analyses that consider both internal and external components of care provision.


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