The Indiana State University Physician Assistant Program

Topic: Healthcare Research
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The Indiana State University (ISU) Physician Assistant Program mission is to strengthen students’ clinical skills, enhance compassion and competence for underserved populations. Being a representative of the Arab community in the USA, I saw how people who did not know English were left without medical treatment. Health care is the right that gender, age, or racial factors should not be determined. I am ready to take everything from this program and contribute to the success of compassionate and equal medical care.

On the one hand, analyzing academic records creates a fair basis for students to be assessed and graded. Still, there are situations when records cannot accurately reflect student performance in the program. In my case, I think that my academic record, my GPA is 3.6, reflects my academic performance somehow. Unfortunately, there was a difficult situation in my family, which greatly hindered successful studies. I need a chance to prove that I am capable of more and have the necessary potential.

Quality, Safety, and Cost Considerations
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