Professional Development and Certification in Nursing

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The most essential for my professional development goal is to develop and implement my clinical nurse informatics knowledge to improve healthcare quality. To gain professional experience and become more qualified in different aspects of my future work, I plan to join American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and NMA after graduation. These organizations provide the possibility to obtain clinical certificates in leading, communicating, and managing people, events, and projects. Leadership and communication skills are essential in establishing and developing efficient nursing informatics programs (Matthews, 2012). Thus, such certifications can help me find the appropriate career path, develop particular skills, and contribute to improving healthcare quality.

NMA’s mission is to develop healthcare quality, teaching the nurses to apply leadership skills in practice, thereby increasing the general productivity and treatment outcomes (“NMA, about us,” n.d.). I am interested in this certification because I believe that efficient communication and human resource management are crucial factors in healthcare. The organization has various chapters to choose from in different regions, which is quite convenient. NMA also provides diverse networking opportunities with qualified professionals, which is beneficial for career development. The positive side of this organization certification is that the talented leaders estimate your practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

AMIA’s mission is to expand the clinicians’ knowledge in nursing informatics. The certification helps to gain skills in the estimation of clinical conditions and outcomes. Also, it will provide data on how to increase the efficiency of healthcare through informatics (Light, n.d.). AMAI offers perfect networking opportunities and does not require a personal presence in the chapters due to the distant programs. I believe that the combination of practice and theory that an organization offers benefits from obtaining this certification. I choose these organizations because their approaches comply with my understanding of the nurses’ role. Speaking about possible problems, I am afraid I may not have much time to participate in sessions and courses of both organizations due to studying. Both of the certifications can enhance my career opportunities by developing the two essential aspects of knowledge and management. Thus, I am willing to join at least one of these organizations to grow as a clinical nurse.


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