Community Health: Universal Health Coverage

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A community health nurse is a medical assistant that utilizes nursing abilities to care for people and refer them to an appropriate healthcare center that operates outside of the area of the nurse’s competence. Moreover, the specialist participates in health promotion among the communities. Social resources and nursing simultaneously generate the circumstances where the significance of health is impossible to be neglected, and these group meanings should be assessed while considering the whole community.

Population health progression is possible to be implemented with the help of the contribution of both medical workers and community stakeholders. Nurses who work in community health possess an essential function in illness prevention, disability reduction, health promotion, and planning and conducting treatment and assessing community needs (Enhancing the role of community health, 2017). The nursing profession plays a critical role in resolving health disparities in the community by enhancing patients’ resources for reaching or sustaining health (Phillips, 2019). The influence of community stakeholders, for example, governments and business people, is described by the necessity to preserve a substantial number of healthy citizens since that maximizes the entire workforce. Assets or organizations in a society that assist others in satisfying certain requirements are called community resources. In order to assess a particular group, it is obligatory to define and evaluate its resources due to the presence of exact conditions among the organizations that can vary. Social resources are important in public health promotion since a person is responsible for his health. The environment around him can stimulate an atmosphere of understanding the significance of well-being. The concept that individuals need to create their health via enhancing their resources is fundamental to the model of health advancement (Phillips, 2019). National healthcare strives for progression, where nursing is considered one of the tools to support community resources that surround people and create life conditions.

To summarize, community health nurses exhibit the role of health promotion in partnership with interested social stakeholders by preventing illnesses and educating people in the medical sphere. Community resources should be estimated to appraise the whole group of people since they constitute the instruments for changing the external conditions that are able to influence society. The resources are considerable for health advancement since only an individual finally decides whether to improve his health, and he can be affected by the means.


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