Nursing Leadership and Management in Healthcare

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Nursing leadership is an integral part of constructing the workplace to provide effective care for patients. During my practicum experience, there were no visibility and collaboration of nursing lead. It was hard to understand who had more responsibilities than others and who were the head nurses. Such administration and management hindered nursing practice for me and my peers as we did not know for whom we should rely on when we needed help with care plans for patients. Moreover, due to the lack of collaboration, the decision related to patients’ care were taken longer.

To solve the issue of nursing headship and management in healthcare, there are some studies. Rosser et al. (2020) examine nursing leadership during the Covid-19 and suggest that nurse leaders should be visible and active participants of decision-making processes to enhance the staff and improve patients’ care. Nurse leaders should clearly demonstrate their presence and manage other nurses in a way of showing their competences, as such increasing the effectiveness of nursing practice. Other scholars, Cummings et al. (2020) conducted systematic review of literature related to leadership development of nurses.

They reported that the targeted educational interventions positively corelate with nursing leadership. According to them, nurse supervisors should be taught effective leadership methods that can increase their confidence at workplace. Another scholar, Quinn (2017) analyzes the role of nursing lead in compassionate care. He argues that a servant leadership which is serving the team and supporting individuals to improve their professional skills is the best type of leadership that should be practiced in nursing. His study shows that nursing leadership and management in healthcare should be individual-oriented to enhance the patients’ care and overall nursing experience.


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