Aspects of the Profession of a Nurse

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Every person sooner or later faces the question of choosing a profession. I decided for myself that I wanted to choose a path for myself related to actively helping people. I am a person who strives to help people and make their lives better. The most suitable career for me was as a nurse. Although a nurse has many duties and responsibilities, this profession is directly related to helping people and taking care of their health.

The duties of nurses include helping people recover from operations, advising patients on health issues, and taking care of those who are being treated at the clinic. Nurses provide constant care for patients, monitor their physical condition, and make treatment plans (Asmirajanti et al., 2017). In order to have the skills to work in this field, it is necessary to have profound professional knowledge that needs to be constantly updated and supplemented. Undoubtedly, I had experience in caring for loved ones who had health problems, and it was after I noticed improvements in their well-being and their gratitude that I decided that I wanted to help people.

In addition to the desire to help people with their health problems, I also have the personal qualities necessary for nurses. I am a responsible and hardworking person, and I am also ready for constant self-improvement and updating my knowledge. Moreover, I have an equally positive attitude towards people of different genders and races and strongly oppose any discrimination. I additionally have empathy, which is essential for a medical professional.

In conclusion, the profession of a nurse is necessary to help people save their health and improve their lives. I strive to master this profession and work for the benefit of people. If I become a nurse and help people, I will feel that I am not living in vain and doing something useful for society. I want other people also to be active in striving to take care of people’s health.


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