Child Abuse in Pakistan: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Amongst Health Professionals

Topic: Healthcare Research
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The abstract provides a concise and clear overview of the study. The research question, problem statement, and title are congruent. It was authored by five competent individuals who brought their knowledge together to achieve a better outcome (Maul et al., 2019). It was published by Elsevier implying that it is a peer-reviewed article. These authors provided background information and explained the topic to be addressed. The purpose and goal of the study were identified to ensure that the audience understands what to expect from the research. It was justifiable to conduct the study since it covered child abuse in Pakistan which is a low-income country that was not covered in previous studies.

The literature review was sourced from different databases to cover the background information and support the analysis. The methodology covered key areas including design, the sample taken, collection, and analysis of data. Sample size and sampling approaches were defined in the methodology section. Findings explaining the purpose, hypothesis, and research question were provided in the discussion and recommendation section. The author determined the importance of the findings and explained their clinical outcome in the nursing practice (Maul et al., 2019). Consistency was maintained in the analytical procedures showing that the study was reliable. Findings reflected the collected data which was an indication of high integrity.

The conclusion provided an overview of the study and facilitated the identification of areas requiring further review. The study played a role in eliminating the existing gap in the availability of literature on child abuse in low and middle countries. Moreover, the study concluded by providing beneficial information that can help address the child abuse problem in society (Maul et al., 2019). It encouraged the involvement of all stakeholders to support the provision of a favorable environment for children’s development.


Maul, K. M., Naeem, R., Khan, U. R., Mian, A. I., Yousafzai, A. K., & Brown, N. (2019). Child abuse in Pakistan: A qualitative study of knowledge, attitudes, and practice amongst health professionals. Child Abuse & Neglect, 88, 51-57. Web.

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