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Excellent management and leadership skills are crucial for nurses since they boost their relationships with patients. The skills help nurses delegate duties and execute their tasks promptly and efficiently. Prompt and efficient nursing activities are crucial for smooth healthcare activities since they help avoid prescription errors. Excellent leadership skills boost routine nursing activities since they lead to good decisions and viable solutions to existing problems. Bonnie Castillo, a registered nurse and the executive director of the National Nurses United and California Nurses Association, is a nurse I know. She has excellent leadership skills including problem-solving, guidance, and effective communication. Her leadership skills inspire my personality and professional aspirations. I have leadership skills, like Bonnie, and hope to practice them once I start my career as a professional nurse.

Bonnie Castillo

Bonnie Castillo is known among the nursing fraternity due to her admirable leadership skills. As an executive director of the National Nurses United and California Nurses Association, she expresses unwavering support and commitment to the labor movements (Huerta, 2020). During the Covid-19 pandemic, the nurses faced difficulties handling the infected people. Bonnie Castillo was at the frontline of calling the government to attend to the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) among nurses across the United States (Huerta, 2020). Her problem-solving skills manifested since she helped solve the problems facing the nurses. She also fought against the layoffs and pay cuts subjected to nurses despite their crucial role in healing society (Rabin, 2021). Consequently, she demonstrated practical communication skills. Bonnie Castillo’s admirable leadership behavior and skills have enabled her to lead nursing associations in the US effectively.

Me as a Leader

Exceptional leadership skills among nurses are vital since they help develop a clear vision and effective communication among the nurses and patients. As a young nursing professional, I want to create effective communication and conflict resolution skills. Effective communication skills would help me communicate with my co-workers and patients without altercations (Lord et al., 2021). Communicating effectively with my fellow nurses allows them to follow my instructions as to their leader. Moreover, the patients are willing to follow my advice if I share it with them in a manner that does not emotionally hurt them.

Meanwhile, conflict resolution skills are crucial for disagreements that destroy working relationships (Blackwell & Faraci, 2021). Furthermore, demonstrating admirable communication and conflict resolution skills would help positively influence other nurses. For instance, Bonnie Castillo’s skills have impacted my leadership behavior as a nursing student. Therefore, as I become a professional nurse, I would like to demonstrate good leadership skills that create a friendly working environment.


Good leadership skills include effective communication, conflict resolution, and guidance. Effective communication help build trust among nurses and creates a friendly relationship between nurses and patients. Patients follow instructions that are effectively communicated without prejudice. Conflict resolution skills enable nurse leaders to solve problems facing their fellow nurses. The skills include courageously speaking up about the issues among nurses and negotiating for possible solutions. Conflict resolution strengthens the working relationship and promotes unity among nurses. Bonnie Castillo is a nurse known to me with good leadership skills. Her skills have helped advocate for nurses’ rights and privileges as violated by the US government. As a young professional nurse, I would like to develop good leadership skills, including conflict resolution and effective communication, to help my clients. Nursing activities require quality leadership skills that promote working unity and a cordial environment.


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