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The provided sample of the nursing workforce survey is profound work aiming to estimate the nursing needs in the process of increasing the healthcare quality. The survey was designed to minimize the burden for the participants ensuring the high level of reliability of results. The most interesting data provided in the research is that the minority groups and men participation was increased compared to the previous study (National sample survey of registered nurses, 2018). These results show that today nursing is freer of stereotypes and stigmatization, empowering the development of healthcare services. The main intent of sharing the results is to enhance the research aimed at improving the quality and working conditions for nurses.

Efficient research should comply with the reliability and validity standards. Validity implies the correspondence of gained results to the theory and chosen methods (Houser, 2018). Validity is essential to be addressed in each research because it represents the results’ quality and plausibility. Reliability is a term used to show “the extent to which the instrument is consistent within itself” (Houser, 2018, p. 479). The reliability is essential because it shows that the particular instruments and measurements are reliable for specific findings.

A Metaheuristic Clustering Protocol is one of the data collection methods that can be applied in the healthcare sphere for both the research area and treatment environment. This method includes the computerized (sometimes even artificial) processing of data collected through media technologies using clusters (Asvany et al., 2021). The technological equipment allows the faster and more reliable data collection and analysis based on the similarities of data. Such an approach is innovative and contributes to the impartial estimation of the particular data. The clustering and computer processing increases the validity and reliability of research.


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