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Nursing care for patients in the postoperative period is necessary for the qualitative recovery of a person who has undergone surgery. At this time, the patient is incapacitated and unable to take care of himself. His body is weakened, and he needs professional care and rehabilitation. In addition, there is a high risk of postoperative complications. Healing of postoperative wounds is difficult since bedsores often form in a passive state. Therefore, it is important to understand the peculiarities of the occurrence and treatment of bedsores and introduce new treatment methods.

The general rule is this: wet skin needs to be dried, and dry skin needs to be moistened. Cleansing procedures should be carried out without the use of antibacterial soap. Along with harmful bacteria, soap also destroys beneficial microorganisms. After stopping using such soap, the skin can barely resist even a minor infection (Ren, 2021). When washing the skin in places of compression, use a soft sponge and use it very delicately, avoiding injury to the upper layers of the skin. After washing, it should be gently soaked with a soft cotton cloth to dry the skin. Do not massage the reddened areas of the skin in any case, but a light, regular massage around these places is highly desirable. Be sure to arrange air baths for the skin. The main purpose of care is to monitor the moisture of the skin. In case of excessive sweating, the skin should be dried on time, and in case of intense dryness, it should be moistened. Dryness stimulates accelerated keratinization of the epidermis, and increased humidity leads to infection of the problem area. Impaired blood circulation only aggravates the situation.

In conclusion, bedsores are painful lesions of the skin that occur due to prolonged, continuous compression of tissues. The development of bedsores is mainly affected by people who have suffered a serious illness or bone fractures, resulting in an immobilized state. Treatment of this complication is quite long and difficult in advanced cases – requiring the help of a qualified specialist. In order to choose the most effective remedy for bedsores, the doctor must determine the stage of the pathological process.


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