The Value of Evidence-Based Practice

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The evidence-based practice considers clinical expertise, external factual data, and patients’ preferences to provide the safest and the most effective treatment for every individual. Implementing this practice is essential to properly handle each patient, as it benefits nurses and clients. Evidence-based practice allows healthcare workers to be efficient and ensures better treatment through implementing practices that are proven to be successful.

Evidence-based practice is valuable for nurses as it assists them in finding the best solutions to provide medical treatment. Relying on the most recent research when making decisions about patients allows nurses to be confident in their decisions and save time. For instance, it was proven that giving patients showers every day does not necessarily improve their condition, so nurses do not have to spend much time on this activity. Evidence-based practice can ensure a proper allocation of health workers’ time, which results in higher efficiency.

Using research evidence improves treatment as it considers factual data and the most modern studies, which contain helpful information on how to provide the most effective care. For example, the research about the difference between measuring blood pressure in adults and children revealed that the results might not be accurate in children because of their physiology and anatomy (Stregiou et al., 2017). Therefore, nurses should use auscultatory blood pressure measurement and compare it with the automated blood pressure measurement results for maximum accuracy. Considering external data when treating patients allows nurses to have more information about the disease or the treatment method, which improves the quality of provided medical care.

Evidence-based practice makes nurses highly efficient, as it helps allocate their time, improves their confidence, and allows them to make the most effective decisions. The practice enhances healthcare provided to patients because it uses the most modern research as a basis for the treatment. Considering factual data when treating patients is crucial since it gives the most reliable and relevant information about diseases or methods to cure them.


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