Evidence- and Advanced-Based Practice in Nursing

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It is the universal truth that the profession of nurse is essential in the process of patient recovery. Some people would say that the background knowledge of medicine is enough to provide appropriate treatment, but sometimes the experience in this field may play the final role. This paper is dedicated to this controversial topic to compare evidence-based and advanced-based practice in nursing.

Advanced-Based Practice

First of all, it would be perfect to admit that advanced-based practice is a new way of treating patients and requires knowledge based on experience. The main aim of this method is to improve the quality of medicine by reducing the risks of potentials diseases caused by untimely medical help (DeNisco, 2019). The advances-based practice in nursing can lead to a better future thanks to the skill of disease prevention.

Evidence-Based Practice

On the global level, the knowledge from university studies is fundamental to making the right decision which often can be crucial in the patient’s therapy. On the other hand, according to a recent survey, nurses could not act correctly and rapidly because of the lack of knowledge of “evidence evaluation, work overload, and resistance to change in practices” (Camargo et al., 2018, p. 2036). In this case, nurses demonstrated incompetence by hesitating at critical moments in the process of a patient’s recovery.


Having compared two different nursing practice types, it is acceptable to conclude that the advanced-based one is more essential. Firstly, nurses not only do their responsibilities and tasks from the doctors but also play a crucial role in making the right decision that concerns patients’ therapy. Secondly, recent research showed that evidence-based practice did not show positive results.


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