The Use of PICOT (Evidence-Based) Research in Nursing

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Evidence-based practice is a model through which healthcare professionals evaluate and assess the most recent and highest quality research to inform their care delivery. Nursing practice problems are challenges concerning patient care, emotions, and attitudes toward existing and probable health conditions. Medical practice problems are issues directly related to diagnosing and identifying diagnosing and identifying patient symptoms (Granger, 2020). Thus, medical practice problems encompass assessing the patient’s physical condition, the relevant clinical indications, and deciding the most appropriate treatment methods. In general nursing, practice problems are related to the patient’s feelings, and medical practice problems entail the patient’s physical symptoms. Considering that nursing issues in acute encompass both nursing issues as well as medical issues, PICOT research should be based on nursing practice problems.

An example of a medical practice problem is central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI). CLABSI is one of the most severe medical concerns for patients in acute care, and the medical field strives to investigate strategies for treating and preventing the condition. An example of a nursing practice problem is the use of the prevention of nosocomial infections (Granger, 2020). It is essential for the PICOT to be based on nursing practice problems because nurses have the most contact with patients than any other practitioner, which means that they have a significant role in their mental and physical treatment (Granger, 2020). Hence, basing PICOT problems on nursing problems can ensure a broader coverage of the issue and the creation of a better evidence-based solution.

Nursing practice problems differ from medical practice problems in that nursing practice problems encompass issues that also relate to medical problems. Nursing practice problems include the mental and physical well-being of the patient and aspects of medical practice. Medical practice problems only encompass the physical conditions of the client and do not cover the emotional aspects. Thus, basing a PICOT on a nursing practice problem can help provide solutions for both nurses and physicians.


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