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Orlando Health is a private not-for-profit healthcare institution with multiple facilities throughout the US, including Orlando Regional Medical Center and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. The core campus of Orlando Health was established in Orlando, Florida. It has an overarching mission and vision of serving people and providing healthcare services of the highest quality for the widest groups of the population. This paper aims to discuss the values, vision, mission, and organizational structure of Orlando Health, and how it fits with organizational aims and purposes.

Values Statement

The value statement of the organization emphasizes its striving for perfection in service and support provided to patients, medical workers, guests, and other stakeholders. No less important, Orlando Health declares that it cares for people and does everything possible to treat all people with dignity, kindness, and compassion (“Mission, vision, and values,” 2022). The organization also says that listening to clients’ feedback and implementing positive changes in people’s lives, including through saving their money, time, and resources is critical.

Remarkably, the values statement aligns with practical behaviors in the organization. The community is a critical element of organizational values, and Orlando Health implements the values of community by uniting people around its services (“Orlando health content hub,” 2022). The values statement was created through the cooperation of the organizational leaders, including the Chief Nurse Executive Karen Frenier, Chief Nursing Officers, Corporate Nursing Director, and Nursing Practice Council Chairs (“Leadership,” 2022). These leaders widely apply the values in their decision-making and organizational behaviors through participation in round tables and team gatherings where they discuss the new strategies. No less important, there is a straightforward system of mentorship that ensures support for younger leaders.

However, nurses can develop more direct initiatives if they follow more specific guidelines. The main values include care for patients, their money, time, and health, as well as respect, compassion, and kindness. At first glance, they are non-monetary and can only be demonstrated through the nurses’ free will. However, I recommend that values should be better aligned with practical solutions. For instance, ensuring that patients get more for their money can be fulfilled through using the newest technologies like EHRs and telehealth practices. Given that Orlando Health provides services for children and their families, the social determinants of patients’ health can be important. Providing services in different languages and respecting cultures, races and nationalities can be an effective solution. Appealing to the mentioned decisions through the values statement can be an adequate shift from the current position.

Vision Statement

Organizational members surely know the vision statement of the organization. This knowledge is reflected in the overall clear and distinct attitude during the presentation of services. Orlando Health positions itself as a “trusted leader who inspires hope through health promotion” (“Mission, vision, and values”, 2022, para. 2). Organizational members lead independent institutions that constitute the Orlando Health family, such as Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, Horizon West Hospital, Cancer Institute, and other. Importantly, organizational members embrace the vision by showing compassion and respect to patients and inspiring hope in them.

To make the vision statement even better, Orlando Health can make it more practical and precise. At the moment, the vision reflects the approach of the organization’s members who embrace the vision through their manner of providing services. Being a leader that inspires hope through improving health is a great and straightforward message. Still, to inspire organizational members, the vision should be more detailed. For instance, saying that Orlando Health unites a team of devoted medical practitioners who do everything possible to help their patients can be inspiring. A vision statement should summarize the impact on customers and emphasize the results of the organization’s activity. Therefore, a message about new opportunities and perspectives that provide better access to health care services will be appropriate.

How the Mission and Vision Statements are Aligned

The mission statement differs from the vision statement since it declares the aims of the company and the means of how these purposes can be achieved. In other words, the mission statement is more focused on action. The mission of Orlando Health is “to improve the health and quality of life of the individuals and communities we serve” (“Mission, vision, and values,” 2022, para. 2). It is evident that the mission and vision statements are aligned and compatible. They both mention Orlando’s Health serving the purpose of strengthening the health of patients.

Both mission and vision statements contribute to the organizational purpose, putting the interests of patients in the first place. The vision statement ensures that team members have a shared compassionate and respectable attitude to patients. The mission statement illustrates how the team implements the highest purposes of the organization. Both statements reflect the organizational values of providing professional services, and uniting the stakeholders, including patients, medical workers, guests, and organizational leaders. The alignment of values, vision, and mission statement is critical to achieving a distinguished, practical, and genuine appeal to the audience, and uniting the medical professionals around the message.

Current Organizational Structure

Orlando Health is a private, non-profit network of public and specialized hospitals. It is one of the biggest employers in Florida that provides jobs for over 23,000 healthcare workers (“Corporate information,” 2022). As was already mentioned, the Orlando Health family consists of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, Horizon West Hospital, Cancer Institute, Orlando Regional Medical Center, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, South Seminole Hospital, Health Central Hospital, South Lake Hospital, and St. Cloud Hospital. These institutions provide services of cardiology, primary care, neuroscience, surgery, oncology, women’s services, and orthopedics (“Corporate information,” 2022). Such a structure is effective since the services are distributed between institutions depending on the type of medical care.

The organizational structure helps to provide primary and specialized care, diagnostics, and outpatient care services, as well as consultations for the use of service lines, more efficiently. Primary and specialized care involves the provision of multidisciplinary services from doctors in more than 40 specialties (“Corporate information,” 2022). All medical workers provide quality medical care depending on the patient’s needs. The care delivered by the organization is cost-effective and provided by licensed physicians and certified technologists. Given the above, the organization supports an effective achievement of organizational vision, values, and mission. To better align the organizational structure with values, vision, and mission, the organization’s leaders should ensure that its values coincide with the attitude of employees during the provision of services (Muafi et al., 2019). In addition, the officially declared culture and mission should coincide with the attitude of the institution’s employees to patients, guests, and partners.


Thus, it was discussed how the values, vision, mission, and organizational structure of Orlando Health fit with organizational aims and purposes. Orlando Health has distinctive values, vision and mission statement. These statements reflect the compassionate and responsible approach demonstrated in all Orlando Health institutions. Its medical practitioners care for their patients and show an example of inspirational leadership. The statements can be improved by appealing to more practical solutions and by addressing the employees more directly.


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