Nurse Managers and Leaders’ Influence on the Health Care System

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Many nurse leaders and managers employ a value-based care and leadership style that influences factors inside and outside their immediate work environment. Though most facilities employ fee-for-service and outcome-based models, nurse leaders use difficult situations to reevaluate the current system and create new roles and opportunities for the way their workforce is utilized (Thew, 2018). Proactive nurse leaders are able to think ahead and outside their workplace by making small changes that advance the quality of nurse care. Nurse leaders have become more prevalent in conversations with executives of medical facilities and financial teams in the industry. The ability to communicate a resource and expenses plan by the nurse leaders has resulted in more thoughtful productivity analysis by the executive teams. It is also this quality that empowers employees that follow nurse leaders and improve the quality of their workplace environment. Empowerment brings the best out of nurses, a hospital’s biggest resource, by allowing them to innovate and create solutions.

Frequently, nurse managers have a direct impact on hospital and health care policy. This is usually done when nurse leaders consider opportunities for development, advancement, and improvement in health policies, whether it is in their workplace or on wider levels. They take into account not only the needs of the staff but the needs of the patients when assessing the quality of policy messages. Nurses are deeply involved in formulating white papers, position statements, educative correspondences, and newspaper or journal editorials (Duquesne University, 2020). Many nurse managers are involved in policy-related meetings and activities at their early developmental stages. In some cases, nurse managers have beneficial conversations or meetings with stakeholders or executives to advance the policy agenda that benefits their teams and patients.


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