Music Therapy and Benefits Among College Students

Topic: Alternative Medicine
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The first article by Xiong (2019) is a collation of scientific literature to show the benefits of music therapy among college students with psychological issues. The article is a mere presentation of evidence without appraising it. Xiong (2019) asserts the role of music in alleviating stress and adjusting an individual’s emotions by relieving the negative ones as it targets people’s feelings. As a result, this article merely helps to understand the theoretical link to music therapy because the authors have not validated the credibility of its content. Xiong (2019) states that music therapy should be integrated into psychological health education to attain optimal results.

The second article is a systematic review which shows the efficacy of pet care on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. The review is aligned with the scientific procedure of including databases using a clear inclusion/exclusion criterion which led to the inclusion of 6 articles for analysis. The study showed positive effects of animal-assisted therapies on cognition and physical health (Klimova et al., 2019). However, the sample sizes used were small, and due to the limited number of studies, a wide range of effects was missing. Therefore, this evidence suggests that the elderly should be given a preferred because they are the population, which would benefit the most from such therapy.

The third article by Batstone et al. (2020) focuses on spiritual care, which is deemed essential for patients receiving end-of-life care. The article is a systematic review grounded in PRISMA guidelines and focused on studies which were qualitative in nature. The manner of obtaining the sample along with the sample size was inadequate. The findings illustrate that terminally ill patients have spiritual needs which can only be discovered through excellent communication skills. The implication is on nurses who should develop a healthy rapport with these clients to resolve their spiritual needs.


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