Neurosurgery: Challenging and Attractive Specialty

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Neurosurgery is a challenging and attractive specialty in health care, which has long fascinated me. This profession presupposes brain treatment, but operative interventions expand to the spinal cord and column or peripheral nerves. The size of organs is small, which requires much attention and professionalism. Neurosurgeons save human lives, which is why millions of people depend on their expertise. If the brain is damaged, the work of other organs is under threat, and people can hardly breathe, walk, or talk independently. More importantly, pediatric neurology increases professionals’ worth because children with brain disorders cannot report a problem, and parents should make regular observations to predict complications. There has to be a place for parents to find professional neurological counseling for a child. Children’s Medical Center in Chicago is a small facility that offers qualified urgent care, dental services, COVID-19 prevention, and routine appointments. This place inspires me to promote professional neurological services there. The career of a neurosurgeon is not easy to pursue, but I am ready to take this path and investigate the brain and its functions at Children’s Medical Center, where not size but quality matters.

To understand neurosurgery better, I decided to talk to a person directly involved in this area. In Scottsdale, Arizona, there is Royal Spine Surgery, founded by Dr. Mohamed M. Abdulhamid. This neurosurgeon finished residency training in neurosurgery at SUNY Upstate Medical University and got another fellowship training in minimally invasive spine surgery at one of the Schools of Medicine in Miami (Meet Dr. Abdulhamid, n.d.). His background knowledge was solid, and his resources were enough to open a new clinic in Phoenix and offer professional neurological help to residents. Our conversation affected me a lot, and I learned several important lessons. His private practice is not only a chance to earn money but help people deal with health problems and repair their brains and nerves. A successful doctor should love his job and know how to deliver services in the best way (Dr. Abdulhamid, personal communication, July 2021). It is not enough to have some knowledge and practice but to be passionate about what the chosen profession offers. Dr. Abdulhamid enjoys his flexibility and the opportunity to open a clinic where he controls every single piece of work.

This interview was not just a source of information about neurosurgery and the peculiarities of the chosen career path. I was lucky to learn that this profession depends on various factors, and one of them is a place of work. Dr. Abdulhamid’s Royal Spine Surgery is a center in a desert city where people get access to physical medicine, rehabilitation, pain management interventions, and comprehensive treatment plans (Meet Dr. Abdulhamid, n.d.). This choice of place proves that neurosurgery is closely related to many healthcare services and departments. Recently, I have discovered a small Children’s Medical Center on Chicago’s streets. Culturally, this place relates to the served population since the design and services are aimed primarily at children. Despite being located in a noisy area with many stores, this center introduces a cozy place where children and families receive professional care. The staff is dedicated to children’s emotional and medical well-being and the promotion of trustful relationships, order, and support (Children’s medical center, n.d.). Doctors understand that their cooperation with parents defines a future success of care for children. Thus, communication, commitment, transparency, and patience are their major qualities.

Dr. Nada Al-Dallal, a pediatric pulmonology specialist, founded Children’s Medical Center in 2002. In 2020, Hannah McGarth was hired as a service provider, relying on her knowledge from the Rush University Medical Center (Children’s medical center, n.d.). Within the social context, this center serves as a support resort for families seeking medical help. Patients get care and education about how to prevent physical injuries, COVID-19 complications, and dental problems. They open the center’s door, enter a small but lovely furnished room, and meet an affable and polite administrator who is ready to help and answer all the questions. It is usually impossible to predict a specific reason for visiting the medical center, but the staff demonstrates confidence and readiness to cooperate. Someone could ask what is so special about this center that distinguishes it from other care facilities. I will reply that this place is unique due to the possibility for the smallest patients to find professional help, support, and understanding and for their parents to get the answers to all their health-related questions.

Children’s Medical Center is what a good neurosurgeon might need – a small, secure, and welcoming place for work. The staff focuses on urgent care services and routine checkups for children and their parents or caregivers. Still, I cannot find information if this center has good neurological services. My education and interests allow me to join the team and offer the local community a new healthcare perspective. While treating children with sports traumas, it is important to check the brain’s state and make several tests. The brain remains one of the most mysterious organs in the human body. People can develop it as a muscle and try to make it work as something dependable, neglecting that the brain controls everything seen, heard, or felt. I remember Dr. Abdulhamid’s words about the necessity to deliver care in the best way (Dr. Abdulhamid, personal communication, July 2021). Children’s Medical Center, with its history, people, mission, and vision, offers such conditions for all people in need. Thus, a neurosurgeon has to be its regular member to examine children, observe their mental health, and predict neurological complications.

The sphere of neurosurgery is developing today and attracts people’s attention globally. However, in most cases, people have to leave their small towns or even countries to find a good neurosurgeon, be diagnosed, and get high-quality treatment or surgery. It is hard to find a clinic where neurosurgeons offer their services and help people for free. Children’s Medical Center is a local care facility where parents bring their children for urgent care or checkups. A neurosurgeon is usually absent in such places, and I want to change this situation. I plan to learn how the brain changes and adapts to different conditions, and children have unique brain characteristics. I should not be limited to researching this topic among adult patients or finding an answer on how to save the brain or prevent its damage. This gray matter is very delicate, and once it is hurt in street fights or sports competitions, this trauma should not be ignored. My communication with Dr. Abdulhamid and my cooperation with Children’s Medical Center define my choice of neurosurgery as a future career.


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