Maximizing Nurses’ Autonomy: A Strategic Plan

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A healthcare institution must uncover the proper intersection between shaping the patient’s need for medical services, ensuring economic efficiency, and compliance with ethical principles. The reasonable selection of the coordinates in which the patient’s health is the absolute objective of the intervention is reflected in the dynamics and qualitative characteristics of the development of employees and the organization’s culture. However, the lack of workers’ understanding of the institution’s purposes and knowledge gaps lead to insufficient patient care (Lee & Lee, 2018). Consequently, there is a need to suggest a new approach to nursing practice intervention.

The strategic plan aims to facilitate patient care and maximize nurses’ autonomy by improving their knowledge. Numerous factors can influence the interventions, but the most significant one is the active participation of nurses and the multidisciplinary approach to learning (Lee & Lee, 2018). The strategic plan objects to increased evidence-based practices implementation to improve the workplace and patient safety outcomes. EBP practices will educate nurses in the necessary measures for preventing and treating diseases as a first step in eliminating the duration of a diagnosis. The organization will also emphasize using the electronic medical record to guide and enhance clinical decisions to ensure more immediate dissemination of services. Moreover, the implementation of the nursing delivery system will reflect the concepts of the science of care, including teamwork, communication, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Thus, a continuous adaptation of clinical knowledge, nursing attitudes, and clinical behaviors is proper for incorporating an intervention into nursing practice.


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