The Capstone Project Technology Analysis

Topic: Nursing
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The implementation of information technology in nursing operations is an integral part of continuous development and quality service. However, besides helping directly during patient interventions and supervision, technology should also be employed when conducting research and projects. The evident advantage of technology use in projects and studies is the objectivity of the data provided. Indeed, the majority of research is limited because of self-reported data findings in surveys and questionnaires. For this reason, it would be beneficial to present wearable health trackers to the patients involved in the project.

Nowadays, there exists a variety of wearable devices that measure the health data of the patient in order to provide objective findings of medical intervention and treatment. According to the researchers, wearable trackers need to be introduced globally to ensure the health care gradual transition to the connected model of care (Loncar-Turukalo et al., 2019). In the context of the present Capstone project focused on implementing EBP training for nurses to improve patient well-being, wearable devices will connect vital health data such as blood pressure, sugar levels, and stress level with the self-reported surveys from the patients. In such a way, the outcomes of the intervention will be supported by more objective measurements than well-being.

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to introduce such a technology to the participants at the current stage. According to Loncar-Turukalo et al. (2019), the most substantial barrier to the mass implementation of wearable technology is the operational costs of device procurement. For this reason, it is necessary for public officials to reconsider their budgeting decisions, considering the fact that early investment in this technology for the hospitals will result in saving money on medical errors and readmission rates and the amount of hospital stay per patient.


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