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Any firm should have its structure and development plan for the future. Regardless of what it provides, product or service, it is essential to understand that the result is a quality product of the system (Russell & Taylor, 2017). Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, located in Miami, Florida, is no exception. This instance works as a private clinic and provides the dignostical and treatment serves.The objective is to cure people and heal them from their mental and physical deseases. This clinic is supposed to be the best one in the state and has all the features to reach the required level. To successfully position themselves in the healthcare delivery market, one needs to have a strategy in place and follow it. The plan is determined to be accomplished in the nest 10 years and they are massive. This report will discuss the critical nuances in planning and building this project.

Three main directions in building a good strategy are the vision of the company to distinguish it from other similar institutions, as well as the reason for its existence, the formation of the final mission to which the firm will aspire, as well as the values it will adhere to achieve the task (Baker et al., 2018). Although there is no measurements to count the success in the sphere of medical treatment, besides the amount of clients. Having analyzed Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, it can be said that, undoubtedly, these points are included in the hospital’s strategic plan, but the question is how well they are followed.

Speaking of the former, the reason for the existence of any hospital is to improve the lives of its clients, the patients. To maintain a competitive health care facility, you need to keep up with the competition and, more than that, outperform them (Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2018). After reviewing the strategic plan, which included expanding the hospital’s areas of expertise, it is clear that Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital is following it.

The second point reads about shaping the result and how the company strives for it. It is challenging to say the hospital’s ultimate goal because the facility’s services are always relevant and will be needed for a long time. However, there are some intermediate stages, the achievement of which is a success, although it is not the final result of development. In this case, it increases the number of staff, the percentage of healthy patients, and the medical equipment (Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2018). Judging by the strategic plans of Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, it can be seen that the hospital has a great perspective on its development and achievement of its goals, which it is gradually striving to achieve.For this reason the Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital is supposed to establish the practical assignments for the workers and provide them with all the required materials, and that is what this hospital does. Providing supports helps the specialists to grow personally and professionally which is vital to maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce.

The third area is the creation of the values to which a particular company adheres. In the case of Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, the company treats all its patients and employees with care, improves their well-being, and optimizes workflow to meet modern medical realities. Speaking of the moral and ethical considerations to which the hospital is committed, it has no racial or ethnic bias, either in terms of patients or in selecting top-notch professionals (Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2018). Jacksons Behavioral Health Hospital believes that skin color or race does not play a role in choosing a doctor, as professionalism and experience come first. In the next twenty five years the quality of medical services provided by the doctors is supposed to increase, as the numbers of employees who work in this company.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, forming a strategy does not mean following it. For example, it is not easy to assess the success of a hospital without analyzing feedback from people who have directly used its services. The average rating for Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital was 2.4 stars, which is very low. Many people complain about incompetent doctors, poor service, and chilly rooms. If one considers the dates of publication of reviews, it can be seen that a large number of positive reviews were written approximately two years ago while the negative ones were written only a couple of months before this report was done (Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital – Psychiatric Hospital in Allapattah, United States, 2022). The Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital has deviated from its original course and is not adhering to the above goals of improving the quality of care.

The main gaps between effective referral strategies and the organization’s existing referral strategies are the lack of quality monitoring of health service delivery, the obsolescence of facilities, and the already mentioned early deviation from the goals set by management. Any project must evolve and follow market trends. In this case, when leaving feedback, many people point to better hospitals where the provision of medical services matches the level of their request (Pauly, 2018). To improve the overall condition of the hospital, it is necessary to take into account all the problems listed above and conduct a comprehensive study, which involves collecting quantitative and qualitative survey methods, reviewing staffing policies, and, based on the results of patient responses surveys, improve facilities.

When it comes to the hospital’s impact on the environment, opinions are mixed. There is no certainty that Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital disposes of all waste after medical services. However, the fact that it does so cannot be denied. To examine this issue in more detail, one needs to be inside the hospital and analyze the situation. There is no certainty that environmental regulations are being complied with. Moreover, the hospital itself provides no guarantee for the safe handling of treatment waste, so it is impossible to know.

To improve its position in the healthcare market, the company needs to find the correct status strategy and focus on executing it. At this stage, Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital is encouraged to maintain the status quo and correct minor issues within the hospital itself. To be competitive, they need to take a small step back, look back at their mistakes, and address them. This can be done by attracting investors to the hospital, which will make it possible to count on larger cash payments, thereby improving the financial situation. Besides, it is essential to listen to the patients’ opinions, as providing them with high-quality and timely medical services is the primary task in the activity of any hospital. Therefore, active communication is also offered in a dialogue format, where questions are asked about the quality of care, the professionalism of the staff, and the overall comfort of the hospital. The results of these dialogues can be used to plan the development and improvement of the hospital over the next couple of years, which will raise the status of the hospital and allow it to have more patients in the future. By looking at the results of the conversations, it is possible to determine the degree of professionalism of the staff and decide on their future at Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital. As it prides itself on the kind of staff that work on treating patients, it needs to provide training courses to improve their qualifications or recruit more status staff.

Having analyzed all that has been said before, it can be summarized that although the hospital’s development plan is decent and in line with the level of health care institutions, some of its points have suffered significantly over time. The situation can be rectified with a number of significant changes that will definitely affect the status of the hospital and make it competitive again. This requires a thorough analysis of its staff, better monitoring of equipment and improved logistics, and quality analysis of patient feedback on the services provided.


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