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Nature has never played a more important role in art in any other cultural practice than in China. It seemed interesting to me that they not only painted rain clouds that watered the landowners’ crops but also hid medicinal plants, magical delicacies, and alchemical elements that bring hope for eternal life.


New information for me turned out to be that when a person becomes ill, he contributes to an imbalance in himself and the cosmos. Chinese people believe that five intrinsic properties interact with one another (Cai et al., 2017). Fire, gold, earth, wood, and water are examples of these. Their goal is to maintain a state of wholeness while remaining in harmony with these five components. I agree that much of Chinese medicine, as well as many of the methods of treating patients, are based on philosophy. They draw much of their health perspective from Taoism, which means they feel they must conform to ecological processes.

According to Chinese society, health is described as a psychological and bodily balance with nature. I noticed that these views are mainly based on the ancient philosophy of Taoism. There are many emphases put on becoming one with nature and living, according to Tao (Reddy & van Dam, 2020). The line between psychological, psychological, and bodily concerns is not as apparent as between black and white in their society. Independence is not welcome either in culture or in philosophy.


It was a discovery for me that each nation has its function in space, but to achieve harmony, the individual mission cannot be separated but must be carried out in cooperation with others. I emphasized to myself that they think that whenever a person falls ill or suffers from any ailment, it is due to a violation of harmony. This will bring out the cultural stigma associated with disability and mental illness. In summary, I agree that the holistic concept is essential in the prevention and treatment of disease.


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