Effects of a Kindergarten-Based Health Promotion Programme on Obesity

Topic: Pediatrics
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The goal of this study was to discuss health promotion concerning obesity prevention in young children. It also determines the influence of kindergarten-based programs on early health promotion. The authors accomplished their purpose, having evaluated the effectiveness of these strategies and identified the positive impact of early obesity prevention programs in several areas of children’s development. The study is based on a randomized controlled trial that included intervention and a control group. The researchers have assessed “973 kindergarten children (3.6 ± 0.6 years; 47.1% male) in 57 kindergartens at baseline and 558 of them at follow-up” (Kobel et al., 2019, p.1). The study used anthropometrics and a 3-minute-run as an endurance capability assessment. To determine the connection between the intervention and its health effects, the study used linear regression models.

In comparison to the original paper on sun protection interventions, this study may be presented as equally strong and useful for enhancing nursing practice. Both studies have had an acceptable sample size, and the influencing factors were evaluated objectively. However, the study in question may appear to have more limitations than the original study. These include the fact that the study did not manage to change children’s dietary habits significantly. Therefore, I would recommend the original study on sun protection as it is stronger and more valuable. These articles are useful to me and my nursing practice because they provide scientific evidence of the negative health outcomes of certain behaviors. For example, I can use this data to counsel my patients and educate them on the risks that these activities can pose to their health, as well as to the health of their family members.


Kobel, S., Wartha, O., Lämmle, C., Dreyhaupt, J., & Steinacker, J. M. (2019). Intervention effects of a kindergarten-based health promotion programme on obesity related behavioural outcomes and BMI percentiles. Preventive Medicine Reports, 15(4), 1-7. Web.

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