Dentists’ Role in Smoking Cessation and Awareness

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Cornelius et al. (2020) argued that the essential part of the tobacco plant, which is planted, is its leaves, which are dried and fermented before being used as a product. Most people use plant leaves because it contains nicotine, a chemical that, when eaten by users, causes addiction. Tobacco is exceptionally damaging to users because smoking causes illnesses, disabilities, and impairment to all body organs. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are all caused by chewing and smoking tobacco. Smoking has been found to cause tuberculosis which is not easy to treat by medical providers, and various immune-related eye issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

As experts agree that quitting smoking is crucial to improving one’s health, I think dentists are in a prime position to assist their patients in making the necessary lifestyle changes to do so. Law enforcement discovered nicotine addiction, but there are practical, tried-and-true methods for helping smokers kick the habit. The Tips Campaign may help them advise and assist their patients with dental and medical issues. The mission of organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is to prevent death and the spread of chronic illnesses caused by tobacco use. The company and its employees support tobacco measures initiatives. These initiatives include reducing tobacco use among youth, making public spaces smoke-free, providing resources to help smokers kick the habit, and mapping out the health disparities resulting from youth and adult tobacco use.

In the story of Bobby Leslie, a well-known baseball fan, several players engaged in tobacco use despite being aware of the detrimental effects of tobacco use and believing that all athletes today are permitted to smoke in a stadium. People were concerned about how baseball players appeared to use drugs, and he was a fantastic athlete, the epitome of health, and a very active young man who started smoking at 13. In my suggestion, Leslie’s childhood stage and some were quick to emulate the heroes to kick their smoking habit (Cornelius et al.,2020). It remained until, at the age of 27, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer. After a few years, he undergoes several procedures to lessen the disease’s affection. Moreover, this practice is still occurring in 2022 because most drug abusers are young.

According to my theory on the best way to assist patients in kicking the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. I would provide the cost analysis of how he spent much money on the daily purchase of cigarettes even though his family somehow lacks what to eat at home; and I will directly advise him on the consequences of smoking, such as after being attacked with diseases such as cancer, he will not live for a very long time. I would also provide the cost analysis on how he spent much money on the daily purchase of cigarettes even though his family lacks what to eat Tobacco measures the organization and its employees’ support initiatives. These initiatives include ways to discourage young people from using tobacco, creating smoke-free environments, establishing programs to assist smokers in quitting, and identifying the health disparities caused by tobacco use in various population groups.


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