Touro Infirmary and Its History

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The topic of discussion in this setting will be the Touro Infirmary and its history. This topic is appropriate for couples and groups because each participant, since many participants have been there and to other hospitals, so there is a great opportunity to compare the quality of services and history. The conversation begins with discussing well-known facts about the history of the Touro Infirmary. Touro Infirmary was founded in 1852 by a philanthropist named Judah Touro. Touro is guided by the practice of Judaism, as this is how Judah wanted it to be run. Touro stands for stability (Pines et al., 1146). Being run by the practices of Judaism means it is to supply the highest quality of care by the dedicated providers who care for patients to heal and treat their needs using the highest quality of care and equipment. Touro is a hospital known for its ability and dedication in quality and excellence.

Touro has a commitment to innovation in everything they do since the early 1920’s. They have been on the forefront of being the first to have a physical therapy rehabilitation center and to treat patients using insulin for diabetes (Pines et al., 1146). The rehabilitation center is used for inpatient as well as outpatient therapies. Touro continues to be the quality of excellence in treating catastrophic injuries, including neurological injuries and diseases.

The distinction continues with the utmost care, as Touro was the first hospital in the New Orleans area to have newborn incubators. “The hospital where babies come from”. This year marks 100 years and very proud. You can walk through the hospital at any time and know when a baby is born as they play a lullaby over the intercom system. Touro is known as “The hospital where babies come from”.(3)

In 2009 Touro continued to grow as they became apart of the Louisiana Children’s Medical Center, also known as LCMC. As of 2020, LCMC now consists of seven area hospitals to form one major medical system. The hospitals that are included are Children’s Hospital, Touro Infirmary, West Jefferson Hospital, East Jefferson Hospital, University Medical Center, New Orleans East Hospital and last to join is Tulane. This makes LCMC the largest medical community in the greater New Orleans area. The forming of LCMC helps the community with more uniform care and fewer mistakes for duplicate testing. If you see any provider of has testing done with an LCMC provider, each provider with have access to your records. You will also have availability for the utmost care and availability to clinical research if needed.

Each of the participants of the discussion shares his experience, through which it becomes clear about the high technology that the hospital has now, which allows to raise the quality-price ratio of services high. LCMC has also formed a partnership with provider offices offsite known as Crescent City Physicians (CCPI). This partnership helps in your care as they will also have access to all of your records if you have anything done at an LCMC hospital or see any LCMC providers (Pines et al., 1152). The discussion culminates in the conclusion that having such an electronic system will help in all aspects of Touro’s infirmary and its medical care. People can move through the system and all your records will follow you, it is better for the care and treatment that may be needed.

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