The US Healthcare System and Policy

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The healthcare sector is an important area in the social welfare of the nation. The citizens of a particular state became vulnerable if the government does not invest enough resources in the health sector. The United States of America has a developed economy, but many of its citizens cannot receive satisfactory services in the health sector. This happens due to gaps in the medical insurance and national healthcare programs that do not cover the needs of all Americans. The government should ensure the adoption of reliable policies that will help in increasing the quality of service delivery in the sector.

One of the major approaches that can help in increasing the quality and resilience of the American healthcare system is ensuring standardization by encouraging evidence-based practices within the healthcare institutions. For instance, Padwa and Kaplan (2018) discuss the benefits of evidence-based practice in providing care through the US substance use disorder treatment programs. The scholars admit that the programs based on evidence-based data bring better health results to substance use disorder patients. Therefore, scholars suggest developing evidence-based research by studying historical and cultural factors for SUD, testing clinical effectiveness and enhanced implementation, and multilevel implementation approaches (Padwa & Kaplan, 2018). Remarkably, evidence-based approaches help in increasing the quality of healthcare service delivery in that all treatments are provided considering verified scientific data that describe the needs of particular groups of patients.

Another significant aspect of the US healthcare policy is the wider introduction of digitization policies within the healthcare sector. Digitization is an effective measure for ensuring high productivity in various sectors of the economy and social welfare. Research and health records are among the most significant factors to consider within the healthcare domain. Digitizing the research approaches and using health records systems within healthcare institutions has positive outcomes through increased efficiency.

Globalization policies also help in enhancing the quality and affordable healthcare within the US. A globalized healthcare system adds to the quality of governmental partnership and cooperation with healthcare institutions and practitioners from different countries. The globalization of services means learning from foreign practices and providing healthcare services globally to ensure people all over the world have access to the healthcare system and their basic needs are met. It will be interesting to study this topic in more detail since the US global healthcare practices have a solid basis that requires further research and discussion.


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