Theories of Nursing and Hospital Models of Care

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There are various nursing theories on patient care, such as the theories of interaction with patients and human needs. The basic concept of the human needs theory is to provide the patient with basic needs, such as breathing, drinking, eating, excretion, sleep, vision, and physical contact. In addition, people also have social needs, a sense of belonging to something, support, and self-expression. This theory is based on Maslow’s theory of needs, which also describes the basic human needs that they seek to provide (Quinn & McDonough, 2019). Interaction theory is also based on establishing and maintaining contact with patients. That is, nursing care, according to this theory, consists in providing the patient with interaction with the environment, people, and different situations.

The theory of human needs assumes that nurses will monitor the availability of basic needs, as well as assist in their full provision for the patient. Interaction theory aims to ensure that the patient feels supported and can also communicate and interact with the environment. In both cases, the intended consequences of the bullet will be the patient’s recovery by creating a feeling of complete health. In addition, when patients have the opportunity to meet their everyday needs and interact with other people, they will be able to feel happier and healthier, which will significantly contribute to the recovery process.

Theories are applied through nursing care and have no significant obstacles. That is, nurses should strive to find out what patients lack in order for them to feel happy. In the future, the nursing task will be to provide patients with their basic needs and try to interact with them. These theories are widely used in medical institutions, as they are practical and have a significant positive effect on patients.


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