The Self-Care Deficit Theory in Nursing

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The research article by Khazei et al. (2021) is written under the principles of the self-care deficit theory (SCT). Orem introduced SCT to highlight the idea that humans have the capacity for rational thinking, which allows them to rationally analyze their self-care and employ care methods that will allow them to enhance their health (McEwen & Will, 2018). The authors of the study applied SCT because self-care is the leading concept in contemporary nursing and because of the assumption that the promotion of self-care among children on hemodialysis can improve their wellbeing and reduce the number of complications. SCT’s main principle is that self-care is a learned behavior that any person can adopt. Hence, this study attempts to test the underlying principles of SCT using the example of children on hemodialysis.

The use of frameworks and theories is helpful when preparing a research study because it helps structure the care process and provides an assessment measure that researchers and practitioners can apply to evaluate the outcomes. Moreover, the use of theories promotes theory-based practice because nurses who will read these studies in an attempt to learn better ways of caring for patients will simultaneously gain a comprehension of a structured approach to care, which is the one that is based on a theory. For example, I always pay attention to the theories that are a basis of a research study because a theory has more value in comparison to the outcomes of a particular study. With SCT, Khazei et al. (2017) used it to examine the behaviors of children on hemodialysis; however, since the outcomes of their intervention are positive, one can assume that SCT can also help address the self-care needs of other patients.


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