The Process and Development of New Drugs

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Once a drug helpful in treating certain diseases has been developed, it is tested on laboratory animals. Then it is assessed how safe this medicine is for people. Further, the drug is tested on a much larger population suffering from a certain kind of disease. In a further study of the effectiveness of the drug, new inherent side effects are noted (Deore et al., 2019). After the approval of a new drug, the manufacturing company begins to monitor its use. On average, all the research required for a new drug to be available to patients takes more than 12 years (Deore et al., 2019). There are many unmet needs for new medications that are currently not under development.

Comirnaty is a new drug designed to prevent the disease caused by the coronavirus in people aged 16 and over; Pfizer and BioNTech jointly developed this vaccine. It does not contain the virus and is not capable of causing COVID-19 infection. Astepro Allergy is an anti-allergy nasal spray approved by the FDA on June 17, 2021. It is suitable for children over six years of age and reduces sneezing, itching, and runny nose.

When I tried new medications, I did not feel any particular adverse effects. I am not intimidated by the treatment with such recently released drugs. International companies have a concept of fair price – the money that the country’s citizens can pay for the pill (Moon et al., 2020). It is calculated in advance and is based on many indicators: an assessment of purchasing power, the economic well-being of society, import duties, promotion costs, and other indicators. Based on the understanding of this fair price on the shelf, the import value of goods to a particular country is primarily formed. I believe that the drugs sold, although they are expensive, are pretty effective, and therefore in my life, I would never save money on medicines.


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