The Nurses’ Perception of Their Role and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Topic: Nursing
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The poster presented by Group A perfectly addresses the assignment guidelines, clearly explaining the main ideas of the research and the methods to be implemented. The design of the poster unites each of the sections, allowing the reader to comprehend the material easily. Furthermore, all of the necessary elements are included in the work, discussing the study’s background, problem, purpose, design, participants, and core research questions. In addition, the authors provide relevant recommendations based on literature insights, suggesting how the healthcare worker suicide rates could be battled amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was especially impressed by the depth of the proposed research, which seems to encompass a highly prominent issue among health care personnel. Considering that the increased suicide rates are often connected to a multitude of internal and external factors, gaining an understanding of these trends requires both a thorough literature review and an appropriate data collection design. In their poster, Group A managed to develop the purpose of the study sufficiently and describe how the research will be conducted, relying on credible literature background to support their ideas. I will be looking forward to reviewing the results of the study.

Presented by Group B, the poster on the nurses’ perception of their role and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy excellently summarizes the preparations completed by the team and highlights the core areas of the proposed research. The necessary parts of the assignment, namely background, the introduction to the problem, study purpose, design, participant sample, and the research questions, are clearly described, creating a complete understanding of the future research. Furthermore, as the poster design is structured and balanced, the presented information is easy to locate and read. Finally, as the authors comprehensively outline the recommendations, it is easy to understand how vaccine hesitancy might be altered through the nurses’ involvement.

An element of the poster that caught my attention was the thorough description of research design, which is a vital part of a credible scientific study. Clearly defining how data will be collected and managed can contribute to the overall validity of the derived conclusions. As such, in the discussed poster, Group B demonstrated that the evidence collection and management procedures were carefully chosen, which accounts for the academic value of the study suggested. I hope to review the outcomes of the project in the future.

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