The Louisiana Community Choices Waiver

Topic: Geriatrics
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The Louisiana Community Choices Waiver is a Louisiana program aimed at supporting the elderly and helping them maintain their independence. This program has significant advantages; for example, it is essential to note that their guardians will support the independence of older people. The participants of this program can independently go about their business and take care of themselves by accepting the help of their guardians. It is also vital to note that strong family ties between relatives are created and maintained. Moreover, “Louisiana Community Choices Medicaid Waiver: Cash & Counseling” (2020, September 27) claims that “the program participant can choose the caregiver of their choice.”. As a guardian, participants in this program can choose between relatives and friends.

Simultaneously, this program has disadvantages associated with providing the program participants with proper equipment and care. The nursing staff monitors the condition of patients daily and can provide timely assistance. At the same time, the guardian may not have specific skills to help their ward. Moreover, because carers are sponsored, they can have their own mercantile goals. For example, they will not worry about the psychological environment and communication that are vital for maintaining the program participant’s health.


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