The Digestive Organ System

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In people’s bodies, organs work together and form organ systems by combining with each other. One of the vital organ systems is the digestive one and consists of the gastrointestinal tract and organs such as the tongue, salivary glands, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder (Crash Course, 2015). This organ system is responsible for processing the food that is ingested in the mouth and is located mainly in the stomach.

Such a major organ system works with the help of positive and negative feedbacks caused by homeostasis, which preserves a certain pH level, the body temperature, and other measures in the state of balance (Amoeba Sisters, 2018). Some stimulus produces change to the body, which is detected by the receptor passing on the information within the input to the control center. Then, output carries back the received response, which is addressed to the stimulus in order to maintain homeostasis. The negative feedback to the stimulus reduces the effect caused by it, whereas the positive feedback increases it.

The positive feedback beneficial to the digestive system can be seen in bile acid production while eating fatty foods. In the balanced state of the organism, no or little bile acid is produced. However, appeared stimulus (meaning, fatty food) makes the liver produce the bile acid, which helps the digestive system process the food. I, similar to anyone else, experience this positive feedback during my lifetime, which helps me eat some unhealthy food sometimes and be sure that the digestive system will cope with it.

Concerning the example of the negative feedback that I ever had, I can remember the sweltering day of this summer, where the air conditioner helped my body to lower the temperature. In other words, the decreased temperature in the room became a stimulus to my skin receptors, which caused a lowering of the temperature of my body and made me feel more comfortable that day.


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