The Dental Hygienist Profession and Activities

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Every society requires a variety of professionals in order to function successfully, and the specialists working in the sphere of health care are among the most important of them. Dental care of the population is one of the main problems in many countries, for instance, in Canada, less than 40% of people brush their teeth twice a day (“Health fact sheets,” 2019). Dental hygienists are professionals who play a particularly important role in treating people’s oral diseases and prevention and education.

First of all, it is important to present a list of the standard activities dental hygienists do in a day. Dental hygienists can work both independently and together with dentists in order to provide comprehensive oral care services. One of the tasks of dental hygienists is prevention, which involves the removal of stains, plaque, and tartar, which tend to accumulate over time on patients’ teeth (Endsley, 2019). Moreover, dental hygienists treat gum disease, a common condition among people with poor oral care. Additionally, dental hygienists contribute to the education of people on the correct way of caring for their teeth and gums (Endsley, 2019). For example, they offer advice on the best oral care products, which can be different depending on each client’s situation. Dental hygienists also educate clients on the appropriate diets, which can reduce the probability of oral health problems.

Dental hygienist is a profession that has numerous benefits for society. For instance, dental hygienists benefit society by promoting a healthier approach to one’s oral hygiene among people letting them know how they should care for their teeth. Essentially, the education offered by dental hygienists positively affects the level of awareness of the population about the necessity to adhere to proper methods of maintaining their oral health. Dental hygienists’ services are also valuable for society because they help address the existing health disparities, especially in rural settings. Research shows that in Canada, dental hygienists not only provide assistance to members of communities but also engage in advocacy, promoting the increase of the availability of care (Farmer et al., 2019). Thus, the role of dental hygienist in society is beyond their main responsibilities and also concerns the work targeting solving the health disparities.

A dental hygienist’s job is also beneficial for the individuals who perform it since it entails several substantial advantages, including a competitive salary. According to the official data, in Canada, the average hourly pay of a dental hygienist is more than C$37 (“Average dental hygienist hourly pay,” 2021). As a result, dental hygienists earn a high salary and do not need to get a second job or find other sources of income to satisfy their needs. At the same time, dental hygienists can have flexible schedules and can choose when and for how long they want to work. Additionally, since, as was mentioned earlier, not many people ensure proper oral care, dental hygienists always have a stable inflow of clients. Finally, dental hygienists also can advance further in their careers and undergo additional training to become dental surgeons.

Dental hygienists are important professionals for society, and their job entails numerous benefits both for their clients and themselves. Dental hygienists usually engage in preventive activities such as the removal of plaque, as well as the education of clients on proper oral care. Through their work, dental hygienists benefit society by promoting healthier oral hygiene habits among the population. The job of a dental hygienist also has many advantages, including a competitive salary, flexible working hours, and opportunities for career growth.


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