Reengineering Health Care Through Nursing

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There is no doubt that the realm of health care is constantly evolving, as it cannot exist in isolation from society. The community, as the primary interest of health care, provides medical personnel with the need for constant adjustment to the social needs, including cultural sensitivity, care prioritization, cost-efficiency, and a personalized approach to the treatment. As a result, the philosophy of agility, or the ability to adjust quickly to the environment, has become central to the healthcare community. Agility, in its turn, has catalyzed the culture of health care reengineering or reconsideration of the sphere’s values and priorities.

When considering this causal link, it becomes evident that patients serve as major agents of change. As a result, nurses and nursing leaders, like the ones being the closest to the patients and their families, become advocates for care recipients (Grand Canyon University, 2018). It is the nurses who are capable of directly asking the patients about their needs and concerns, later translating this information through the channels of professional communication, including physicians, administration, public bodies, and policymakers. Essentially, nurses are key informants in the context of reconsidering and modernizing health care.

Indeed, policymakers are incapable of creating a relevant healthcare framework without having fundamental empirical knowledge about the most alarming and urgent issues among the community. Similarly, the patients rarely have the ability to directly access administration in order to discuss certain issues and challenges. In most cases, they disclose this information to nurses as healthcare professionals they see the most. Such a privilege allows nurses to gain some major insights into the existing pitfalls and desires of patients. For this reason, it may be concluded that it is hard to imagine the process of reengineering health care without nurses serving as communication mediators.


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