Psychiatric Nursing Activities and Data Management Skills

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The activity of a nurse contributes to increasing the availability and quality of medical care to the population; therefore, professional development is significant. One of the most important competencies of the nursing staff is digital. It consists of the ability to work with data and evaluate outcomes. There are several ways in which a psychiatric nurse can improve data management skills.

One of the ways for a psychiatric nurse to work with the data is to assist in the emergency department. Since emergency department nurses are engaged in the registration of patients, they have access to all medical documentation. In addition, emergency department nurses are also involved in discharge to evaluate outcomes. According to Best et al. (2018), nurses on duty at the hospital are also engaged in the management of psychiatric data.

They have access to patient observation sheets and the results of all their tests. In addition, these nurses work with a list of appointments, allowing them to evaluate a particular drug’s effectiveness. District psychiatric nurses can also work with data and outcome evaluation. Since they conduct pre-medical examinations, including preventive ones, they make entries in the medical record of an outpatient patient, with a preliminary history collection. Since district nurses constantly monitor the assigned patient, they can increase their competencies in evaluating the outcomes.

The readiness of nurses to improve their competencies is based on significant factors of internal motivation that contribute to the development of professional and leadership qualities. Mastering new digital technologies when working with data and evaluating outcomes increases responsibility and contributes to personal growth. The involvement of nurses in working with data is a powerful incentive to improve their professional skills.


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