Premier Health Agency Helping Older People

Topic: Geriatrics
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The approach to improving the whole community’s health is complex since the aspects of decisions lie in different planes. In my experience, I had seen the mission of Premier Health come true when one volunteer organization was able to gain support and cooperation with a medical organization that provides high-quality and comprehensive medical services. The volunteer organization was engaged in helping people of high age, providing ample support on health issues social aspects, including involvement in society. One of the problems this organization address is the low activity of older people and the possibility of increasing it through socialization and participation in any socially beneficial work to the best of their strength and capabilities. Many older people are victims of various diseases since they become unnecessary to society: no one agrees to pay for their work, and their daily routine cannot be occupied with different activities.

The park’s territory adjoined the medical organization, which was quite well ennobled, but required constant care in certain seasons. The medical organization agreed and went towards the volunteer movement regarding cooperation. Volunteers provided the elderly with work that was within their ability, and that was beneficial to a particular community. The medical organization agreed to pay for this work, enabling older people to serve for the benefit of society and receive monetary compensation for this. The problem of the involvement of older people was partly solved in this community and laid the foundation for such a practice for dissemination of experience. The reputation of the volunteer and medical organizations has increased, as a result of which the most favorable outcome has been achieved. As a result, I witnessed the implementation of Premier Health’s mission in reality, which fully proved the thoughtfulness of the goal and its effectiveness in practice.

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