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The study conducted by Honkavuo (2020) researches the nursing student’s attitude toward digital teaching. The results of the study reveal that the variance associated with digital teaching could be connected to such factors as education, knowledge, gender, participation in the promotion of digital teaching, and motivation to do so. Analysis models and hypothesis tests related to those factors are presented in table 1 in the results.


From the study results, it could be seen that knowledge has a role in the index and the major part of nursing students have an experience in digital teaching. The index knowledge is the main predictor of the digital teaching situation. The results show that the more the student’s knowledge about digital teaching, the more the standard deviation. Students stated that this experience significantly impacts their development as professionals. The results of the study provide the bar chart that shows the motivation of students for digital teaching, where the motivation is considered as an index from six questions. According to table 2, the major part of students is highly motivated to teach digitally. Other coefficients, however, are not as much significant for the study results.

According to the findings, the majority of nursing students have an understanding of digital promotion. The minority of nursing students had taken part in promoting efforts, and the major part did not participate in such actions. Considering the descriptive data, students see the role of digital promoting efforts as a crucial way to gain more understanding of how digital teaching will facilitate their professional growth. Based on the study results, students believe that the more they know about the advantages of digital teaching for their professional pathway, the more they will be involved in digital promotion efforts. They have admitted that such knowledge has increased their motivation to participate in digital teaching. The data concerning these findings are presented in table 3 in the results.

Implications for Practice

The author’s recommendations on the implications of practice are to get involved in the digital promoting effort. He also advises researching more on the topic of how digital teaching experience will influence your professional growth since awareness about the benefits positively impacts students’ motivation. I agree with the implication in practice results that were provided by this study. Once I have obtained more information about the benefits that digital promotion efforts could bring me, I want to gain experience in digital teaching. I plan to participate in digital promotion efforts soon.


Honkavuo, L. (2020). Digital teaching in nursing education: A quantitative study on nursing students’ views. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 13(2), 837-846. Web.

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