Nursing Practice and Medical Training Reflection

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For me, the most challenging thing was to stay focused on adhering to healthcare practitioners’ ethical and professional codes. During my nursing practice, I was engaged in a challenging practice that included shadowing a medical doctor who was conducting acupuncture. Shadowing medical practitioners is a significant way of gaining knowledge in the healthcare sector. However, the concept is not an evidence-based approach, and the knowledge obtained from shadowing should not be used in the healthcare sector (Joynes, Kerr, & Treasure-Jones, 2017). Shadowing involves observing what a medical practitioner is doing to gain skills in the particular therapeutic process. Nevertheless, the technique of shadowing allowed me to learn that medical concepts cannot be obtained through observation alone. Nurses who wish to enhance their skills in healthcare delivery are advised to attend a medical course where they can professionally learn the desired medical concepts.

Attending medical training is the most preferred way of gaining healthcare delivery skills. The continuous professional development allowed me to acknowledge the adverse effects of shadowing in the healthcare sector. The process was exhaustive because I was forced to stand and watch the procedure for more than 10 hours and gained very little knowledge concerning acupuncture. The CPD practice was relevant in healthcare codes of conduct, which demand that qualified and professional healthcare practitioners undertake medical processes.

In conclusion, the most significant laws that were relevant during the reflection included the principle, which asserts that only professional practitioners should take part in therapeutic processes. The experiences improved how I treat patients in the healthcare sector, as they are the most significant stakeholders in the organization. Continuous professional development is thus essential in improving healthcare quality and medical practitioners’ skills.


Joynes, V., Kerr, M., & Treasure-Jones, T. (2017). Exploring informal workplace learning in primary healthcare for continuous professional development. Education for Primary Care, 28(4), 216-222.

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