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One of the cornerstones of nursing is political and legislative advocacy. Legislative and political engagement are both critical in advancing the profession and improving patient care (Williams, 2018). Nursing’s political acumen and activities have been formed by the profession’s historical origins in significant advocacy and actions. This allowed nurses to develop and stay up with regulatory, legislative, and legal advances in education, practice, and research (Lewenson & Nickitas, 2014). Naturally, nurses must be knowledgeable about politics and how to affect nursing, health care, and public policy on a local, regional, national, and global scale. This relationship needs strong data and a policy plan that better appreciates the potential influence of the nursing staff’s involvement in global health.

Nursing political advocacy has a long history, and an excellent example may be found in it even now. It is simpler to integrate and employ this multi-faceted notion in modern situations based on historical histories of nursing political activism (Kim, M., & Lee, 2021). Some examples may help to clarify what constitutes a proper knowledge of political advocacy. Certain acts can be utilized to learn and use the other. The example of Florence Nightingale and the Modern Nursing Movement, which grew out of her support for the formation of nursing school programs, can be considered (Lewenson & Nickitas, 2014).

Political advocacy in healthcare is critical, and nurses who make a stand may help define the sector’s future. Studying the past and historical examples of a certain subject or occurrence is important, as it is in many other facets of numerous professions. This provides an opportunity to learn from the past, apply best practices, and inspire future generations. Nurses may highlight the value of their job and how it affects patient outcomes and access to treatment.


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