Nursing Legislative Bill Proposal for Diabetic Shoes

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As an ARPN student aspiring to be a nurse practitioner in a community clinic, I sincerely request you to support a Nursing legislative bill providing diabetic shoes, precisely the Cosponsor HR 1617 type. This bill will help Nursing Practitioners (NP) fully attend to diabetic patients who need therapeutic shoes. In the current situation, NPs only provide medical services to the sick whereby they take a directive, execute, infer and control analytical tests and confirm suitability for expertise treatment upkeep. Although NPs attend to patients in their homes, they cannot approve admissibility without a surgeon’s permit. NPs should instead send the patients to a doctor to confirm the requirement, and then the surgeon will then be eligible to treat the patient until the end, whether the sick person dies or gets better. Because the surgeon might be busy or unavailable, some patients may not be attended to as needed, endangering their lives. This will then require the participation of another health provider leading sick persons to incur extra costs. Thus, the Cosponsor HR 1617 will allow NPs to attest to their patients who need comforting shoes. Accountable Care Organization Act (ACO )identifies NPs as specialists suitable for providing complete treatment to their diabetic patients (AANP. 2022). Therefore, the statute mentioned above will ensure that Medicare receivers who get their essential upkeep amenities from NPs are not assigned to ACOs in plans.

Moreover, the legislation on the total attendance of patients by NPs is supported in Asia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Nepal, among many others. As a nursing practitioner, I believe that you will fully back the bill for the benefit of patients. As a future healthcare provider in a community clinic, I fully support the law because it will allow the obligation of Nursing practitioners’ patients to Medicare shared savings Accountable Care Organization.


AANP. (2022). Influence the law. American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Web.

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